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Put the Power of ASL in Every Child’s Hands

Put the Power of ASL in Every Child’s Hands


Hands Land Dvd

Hands Land Dvd


In our last blog post, we showed examples of different ways that nursery rhymes can be rendered in sign language using ASL rhyming patterns. For me, that brought back a lot of memories of when my kids Tara, Leala, Cary, and Troy were small.  We would often make up ASL rhythmic patterns for every daily activities like meal time, bath time, and bed time.  It was a way to turn mundane daily routines into something more enjoyable. I had a lot of fun participating in language play with them, especially when they were very young.  Watching those tiny hands forming rhythmic patterns is something I will never forget.

I am delighted that Tara and Chad are continuing this tradition of language play in ASL with their own children, Pax, Thoreau, and Clementine.   They adore Aunt Leala for her creativity in creating ASL rhymes and using them at home.

Leala Holcomb in Hands Land DVD

Leala Holcomb in Hands Land DVD

Now I am thrilled that my daughter Leala has decided to start a new venture called Hands Land, with the goal of encouraging more families play with their children through ASL in their own homes.  With the creation of new materials to support young children’s language development through ASL’s intrinsic rhyming and rhythm patterns (unrelated to English), it is hoped that more of these toddlers, especially the deaf ones, will be able to grow and thrive in a language-rich environment.

Watch this YouTube:

Check out this Facebook page: Hands Land: ASL Rhymes and Rhythms for Young Children

Hands Land Facebook

Hands Land Facebook

If you would like to support this venture, please go to this website to make your donation.

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