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Deaf Culture, Our Way

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The fourth edition of Deaf Culture, Our Way is the most recent update of the original classic, Hazards of Deafness, which was first published in 1977.  This new edition features the often amusing challenges of using the latest communication technologies, such as VRS, videophones, email and instant messaging.  In addition, new sections include anecdotes from hearing parents with deaf children and hearing people with deaf parents as they deal with Deaf culture in their daily lives.  These added stories compliment timeless classic anecdotes from earlier editions, which include popular jokes from the Deaf community, hilarious bathroom tales and the distinctive ways of Deaf people. Unique to this book is an exploration of the original “hazards” that existed in 1977 and the solutions that have rendered these “hazards” obsolete as well as the “hazards” that remain to prominent in the lives of Deaf people today.

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