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Welcome to Deaf Culture THAT!

This website celebrates a unique 15-year, Deaf/hearing partnership, which has created a range of widely appreciated educational materials.

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Our books, DVDs and online training program are valued by instructors, students, interpreters and Deaf individuals around the world because they:

  • Demystify and illuminate Deaf culture
  • Provide ASL students with a complete curriculum to introduce them to the vibrant Deaf community and facilitate their initial interactions with Deaf people
  • Sensitize interpreters to cultural differences between Deaf and hearing people
  • Promote understanding and mutual respect between Deaf and hearing people

Who we are:

Dr. Thomas K. Holcomb, a Deaf professor of Deaf Studies, who has lectured around the world on topics related to Deaf Culture and is author of the new book Introduction to American Deaf Culture and Anna Mindess, a hearing interpreter, author and educator, whose ground-breaking book Reading Between the Signs has been used as a textbook across the U.S. and abroad since 1999.

We believe that two viewpoints can provide greater clarity on cultural issues, where there are often multiple perspectives. We are also convinced that humor can be an effective teaching tool to illuminate cultural assumptions. We look forward to sharing our work with you and engaging in a dialogue to promote mutual understanding.

And we have some exciting new developments to announce!