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A Sign of Respect: Strategies for Effective Deaf/Hearing Interactions

"A Sign of Respect" DVD cover

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Now used in over 100 colleges, universities and high schools!

A unique, interactive DVD designed for ASL and Deaf Culture classes, plus a 97-page workbook of exercises and additional reading materials to support the DVD and provide instructors with a complete semester’s curriculum. Included:

  • Reading materials on the history of Deaf community events
  • Worksheets to compare Deaf culture with American mainstream “hearing” culture
  • Reaction sheets to help students process their feelings about attending Deaf community events
  • Exercises to encourage students to develop the right attitude about Deaf culture
  • Tips on how to locate appropriate Deaf community events to attend, how to meet Deaf people, and how to initiate and develop friendships with Deaf individuals

The DVD’s story follows a hearing student, named Amy, as she attends Deaf events and begins to
interact with Deaf Community members. She is faced with 18 “choice points” where she has to decide how to behave in the most culturally appropriate manner. Narrator Thomas Holcomb gives feedback after each answer selection. Topics include: Introductions, Joining a Signed Conversation, Hugs, Giving Directions, Asking a Personal Question and many more.

“A unique and very valuable work! Will be of particular help to hearing students just beginning their contact with Deaf people.”

Dr. Paddy Ladd, Author of Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood

“This is a wonderful resource! It provides a much needed learning tool on Deaf Culture.”
Linda Bove, Certified Deaf Interpreter, Actress, Consultant

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