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Cultural Detective


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Cultural Detective® is a dynamic series of down-loadable or online developmental learning tools, designed to build intercultural competence in individuals and organizations. Each package consists of a discussion of values, a set of critical incidents and recommendations for practical ways to bridge cultural differences.

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Cultural Detective: Deaf Culture explains many features shared by Deaf cultures worldwide and provides tips on how to interact with Deaf neighbors and co-workers in a spirit of mutual respect.

Scenarios include:

  • A Meeting with the Supervisor: A well-intentioned, hearing supervisor is disappointed in a meeting with one of his Deaf employees.
  • Face Time in the Workplace: Frustrations arise when Deaf employees socialize after company-wide meetings.
  • Too Much Information: A Deaf and a hearing co-worker have a less-than-rewarding conversation in the lunchroom.
  • Talk is Cheap; Understanding is Priceless: A Deaf patient has communication difficulties with her cardiologist.
  • One of Us: A Deaf couple reacts indignantly to suggestions offered during a pre-natal checkup.
  • College Class: A hearing professor discounts a Deaf student’s requests.

Extra! Cultural Detective: Deaf Culture also includes an overview of sign language around the world, acquisition of Deaf culture, and diversity within the culture, plus a list of “Tips for Communicating with Deaf People,” and techniques for using a sign language interpreter.

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