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Reading Between the Signs Workbook

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"Reading Between the Signs" workbook cover

A companion to Reading Between the Signs: Intercultural Communication for Sign Language Interpreters, this workbook translates theory into practice through exercises and activities. Now available for FREE.

It expands the focus of Reading Between the Signs on two key topics: the relativity of politeness and the distinction between direct and indirect communication styles, important elements in comparing American Deaf and mainstream cultures.

Activities with the imaginary, tongue-in-cheek “Miss Deaf Manners” and “Miss Hearing Manners” allow the student to better comprehend contrasting perceptions of culturally appropriate behavior. Students are also supported in exploring their own cultural influences.

These fun and challenging exercises are well road-tested at the numerous workshops and seminars conducted by the author.

Reading Between the Signs is heaven-sent. Now along comes the Workbook to help us better comprehend, appreciate and contemplate the cultural differences. Vive la difference!”
— Dr. Nathie Marbury, Professor, Austin Community College, ASL and Deaf Studies

“This is a powerful supplement to the indispensable bookReading Between the Signs. Written in a clear, entertaining style, this workbook really makes me think. Anna Mindess handles a complex topic with wisdom and wit. No interpreter or ASL program should be without it!”
 Sharon Neumann Solow, Interpreter, Educator, Consultant, Author of Sign Language Interpreting: A Basic Resource Book

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