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Artwork of 18 Deaf Artists featured in the new textbook


Along with Nancy Rouke’s vibrant expressionist artwork on the cover of the new textbook, Introduction to American Deaf Culture, 17 other Deaf artists’ works are also prominently featured throughout the book.  They include:  Iris Aranda (Two People and a Hand), Chuck Baird (Tyger, Tyger), David Call (Awakening), Matt Daigle (That Deaf Guy:  Poop), Susan Dupor (The Family Dog), Maureen Klusza (The Greatest Irony), Leon Lim (Killing My Deafness), Tony “Mac” Gregor (A Tribute to ‘Fingershell’ painting by Chuck Baird), Betty Miller (Ameslan Prohibited), Warren Miller (Embrace), Mary Rappazzo (Celebrating Deaf Culture), Roy Ricci (Two Eyes), Shawn Richardson (Terp Remote Control), Ann Silver (A Century of Difference), Scott Upton (Butterfly), Mar Valdez (Set Me Free), and Larry Yanez (I Love You).  While some of these works are well known to the Deaf community, others are relatively new.   Each chapter begins with one of these art pieces, corresponding to the subject being discussed.

Oxford just posted on their website, Introduction to American Deaf Culture’s official page, with ordering information. It will be released October, 2012.


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